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Comenius University

The Comenius University Bratislava is known and acknowledged internationally.

The University is considered one of the top 500 Universities all over the world. All achievements in all kind of subjects are accredited and can be compared to every medical study in Europe.

Comenius University offers a 6-year medical study in English language in its international program.

The study is completed with a doctoral degree such as MUDr. (medicinae universae doctor) in general medicine and MDDr (medicinae dentailis doctor). 

After getting your degree you can immediately begin your medical career in your home country and get the specialization you desire.

History of Comenius University

The Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava was founded in 1919 and is one of the most well-known and oldest faculties of the university.

Due to its high standard of its study program and its tradition of being the first Faculty of Medicine in Slovakia, year for year it attracts students from all regions of Slovakia and the world.

The Faculty offers its students two different study programs: General Medicine and Dentistry. Since 1993 both programs are offered in English language – especially for international students.

Today the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University ranks among the best national public institutions. There are many medical treatment programs offered by the Faculty that participate in many national and international research programs.

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The Study

General medicine as an undergraduate study branch is a natural since education based on ethical and human basis. The study contains complex education focused on diagnostics, differential diagnostics and therapy and prevention of diseases. During the course of the undergraduate study students are provided with general medical education.

The Graduate study branch us a continuation of the undergraduate education that prepares doctors in the particular specialization. In the course of undergraduate education students of the Faculty of Medicine are expected to acquire comprehensive theoretical knowledge, which enables them to think scientifically and to deepen their education in any specialized branch.

During undergraduate education students are expected to acquire comprehensive knowledge in a theoretical way which will then lead them to conclude problems scientifically and to deepen their education.

Students are expected to master basic principles, aims and organization of the health sytem. Further they should be aware of the morpholpgy and function of the human body so physiological and pathological processes can be comprehended.

According to the Directive 2005/36/EC the graduate of the study program General Medicine fulfills the conditions to work in any country of the EU.

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