Frequently Asked
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General questions

How much is the cost of study?

The university fee for General Medicine is 9500€ per year and 11000€ per year for Dentistry.
Rent depends on the way you want to live. From our experience we can say that the average rent is about 300-500€ depending on whether you want to live by yourself or share a flat.
Bratislava is considered to be fairly cheap in living expenses compared to other European capital cities. Personal living expenses depend on your lifestyle but on average it varies from 200-400€.

I would like to visit the city – can we get in touch?

Definitely! Just let us know when you are planning your trip to Bratislava and we will take care of your hotel reservation and we will show you all the important things you need to see in Bratislava in order to make up your mind.

What do you do once I start my study?

We will be by your side every step of the way during your first year here. As part of our service we will provide you with all the necessary study material for your first year, including a white lab coat and a dissection kit for Anatomy.
We are happy to help you with any issue you have. Do not hesitate to call us! We are here for you! Your success is our success.

My English level is not perfect – will that be a problem?

Do not worry about whether your English skills are good enough. Within a few weeks your English will improve so that you won’t have any trouble during your study.

Where can I work as a medical doctor once I get my degree?

Basically you can work anywhere you like in the world. Since the study program is taught entirely in English, there are no geographical restrictions for your future work place. However some countries like the US or Canada require additional tests before you can start working there.


How can I apply and how complicated is the process?

Once you send us all the required documents, we will take care of all the steps needed for your application. Our goal is to make your first steps into your new career as simple as possible. Therefore we will organize a translation of all your documents into Slovak language, and we will organize the needed accreditations.

Once the process is finished we will let you know and you can begin to prepare for the entrance examination.

What time is the best time for my application and what do I need?

To ensure that all the application processes can take place we recommend to start your application process as early as possible.

After you contact us, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about your future study and the following application steps and in return what we need from you to start the application at the university.

What happens once my application is accepted?

Once your application is accepted you need to start preparing for the entrance examination. You will get all the study material from us necessary for the test. A further description about the test and how to prepare for the examination will be explained in our information package which you can download on this website.

If you study well you shouldn’t have any trouble to get into the study program. In case any questions come up feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help!

Will I still have to pay the fee in case I do not pass the entrance examination?

No. We will not charge you anything before you are not admitted into the study program. Our goal is to let your success become our success.