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Your medical career in Europe!

As we know, the application process for US citizens can differ from the process for EU residents due to different regulations and laws in the US. Therefore, we have created this page specifically to inform our soon-to-be medical students about everything they need to know relating to their future study.

For students who are planning on fulfilling their entire study abroad, there are some differences compared to studying in the US that you would want to know:


  Medical School in Europe Medical School in the United States

High School Diploma

Prep Course + Written & Oral Entrance
Exams (up to 1year)

High School Diploma

Undergraduate Degree in
the Sciences (4yrs.)

The MCATs & Applications to
Medical School (1-2 yrs.)

Length of
Medical Studies
 6 years  4 years
Total length
of studies
6½ - 7 years  8-10 years
Total cost of
Medical School
$60.000 - 15.000 $400.000 - 800.000


Although the study in European Universities is accredited almost all over the world, there are still some issues you have to keep in mind before applying.
If you are planning to work in the US after getting your degree, you will need a so-called “residency place.” Without residency you will be not permitted to work as a medical doctor in the US. Since residency places are limited, you might have trouble getting a place right away since US medical school students are generally in an advance status.

However, the past years have shown that there are plenty of students who studied in medical school abroad and are getting residency places. The tendency is increasing. Your dream is to be a medical doctor and you want to work as one all over the world? You are not planning on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your education and plunging yourself into debt before you even start to work? You have come to the right place! Contact us now and let us provide you with useful information about medical schools abroad, application processes and life in Europe! We are fully committed to your success and are here to help!

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For more information contact Sean. He will be there for you for every step of your way and can answer all questions that might come up relating your future education in Europe!




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