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About us

Our mission is to mediate European university admissions in the areas of human, dental and veterinary medicine to students from all over the world.

To do so we can handle everything concerning your study and accommodations.

Whether you are from Europe or from Asia – we are able to help and support you due to our outstanding relations with European Universities.

Sean Singh
Support & Service for US Citizen and Non-EU residents
Currently studying physiology at the University of Arizona. Hopes to be working in the medical field one day. He will be there for all our future medical students from the US.
+1 (480) 334-6499
Nils Thumm
Ansprechpartner für Deutschland und Österreich
Study of law, practical experience with several internships at court and renowned law firms, stayed abroad in Oxford, Antibes and Montreux.
+49 171 2025086

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You want to become a medical doctor but you can't get into medical school in your home country? Well, do not give up on your dream!
We are 100% committed into making your dream become reality! Get in touch with us today and we will supply you with all the information you need to get started.

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